cabin carpet removing stains, Cabin Carpet Daily Cleaning, SHOU Solution

Stain Removal

Cabin Carpet

cabin carpet removing stains, Cabin Carpet Daily Cleaning, SHOU Solution



Daily Carpet Cleaning.

There is even more you can do, on a daily basis, to help preserve the cabin carpet. The SHOU cabin carpet Stain Remover helps to remove the most conspicuous stains. It is powerful and ultra effective. The product works on the basis of crystallization. It encapsulates the dirt which makes it vacuum-able or directly removable, with the help of the special spotting tool.

Spray directly over the stain. Let work for a while. Then use the spotting tool to rub over the stain. This clever tool emerges foam and the stain comes out through the small holes together with the emerged foam.

Next to stain removal, SHOU is pleased to offer the SHOU gum removal and gum scraper in order to remove gum from your carpet.

Last but not least, it is advised to perform daily vacuum cleaning. It is key to make use of a vacuum cleaner which is equipped with a rotating brush. The SHOU vacuum cleaner will remove fine dirt and dust creating a healthier and safe cabin for your passengers.

Watch the instructions video or check the instructions card here, to learn more about how it’s done. We also explain the steps for the cabin carpet stain removal here below.


Used gums ruin cabin carpets.

It is SHOU’s mission to achieve a longer lifespan for cabin interiors. Gums on the cabin carpet or cabin seat covers, however, are a huge issue. They are almost impossible and very time consuming to get out and they ruin the cabin carpet faster than necessary. So we figured: it is easiest to avoid the problem.

SHOU set up a cooperation with Gumshoe Amsterdam and Gum buddy and we developed a cool mutual campaign that discourages people to use gum on the airplane, or if they do, to make sure they don’t drop it on the floor. With this campaign, that we can customise to fit your airline’s brand identity, it is our goal to help you reduce gum pollution inside the airplane cabins with at least 80%!

The gum pollution will probably never be eliminated totally. Chewing gums will keep appearing on the cabin carpets. So ofcourse the Shou Solution offers the best gum removal product on the market and we can advise on the best cleaning procedures to tackle this problem.

Chewing gum control.

Every day millions of people are chewing gum! Yet the world hasn’t found a solution for the disposal problems it causes. Let’s introduce a solution together that helps to make COLLECTING used chewing gum a habit. For several good reasons and goals!

Less used gums sticking on floors, seats, carpets… Cities, cleaners, everyday man and companies like airlines or airports would benefit greatly from this. It means less pollution; a neater and cleaner environment for everyone. The collected used chewing gums will be recycled. This means less waste which also benefits our planet greatly!

How it works.

At the boarding gate, right before boarding for their flight, people are encouraged to drop their used gums in a big collecting bin, called the ‘GUM BUDDY’. They get a special keychain as a reward – with a nicely designed, airline branded foldout flyer about the campaign on it –  The keychain is manufactured from 100% recycled gum. It is actually a mini collecting bin, this gum bin on-the-go can be carried around as a key chain and used for personal chewing gum disposal. Once the keychain gum bin on-the-go is full, it can be sent back to Shou Solution to be recycled. At the same time by sending your full gum bin on-the-go back, you can win a prize! WIN A PAIR OF THE AMAZING GUM SHOES!

cabin carpet removing stains, Cabin Carpet Daily Cleaning, SHOU Solution      cabin carpet removing stains, Cabin Carpet Daily Cleaning, SHOU Solution

Why people will love it.

Here’s why people will definitely want to participate in this campaign!

People like to receive functional things as a gift, especially when it's for a good cause as well,

With this gadget they avoid gums sticking on their own clothes/couches/bags etc. They always have something around to put used gums in!

It looks cool and it's keeps reminding them of their flight and trip.

They get rewarded for collecting their gums.

Being conscious about the environment is a hot topic for most people nowadays.