Slide Regular Carpet Replacement , Rethink the System, SHOU Solution Inferior Carpet Quality
+No Cleaning
Poor Cabin:
Experience | Cleanliness
Not Sustainable
High Maintenance Costs , Rethink the System, SHOU Solution , Rethink the System, SHOU Solution Clean and Healthy Cabins
Environmental Friendly System
COST EFFECTIVE! Longer Life of
Aircraft Interiors
Invest in Effective and
Efficient Cleaning



Slide rethink cabin cleaning system Cleaner and healthier cabins Better flight experience for your passengers 3 or 4 times longer life of your cabin carpets Therefore tremendous savings on carpet replacements Producing less waste, which also preserves our planet

Rethink the system.

Think about why you shóuld invest in cleaning of your cabin floor. As an airline these days you need to limit costs as much as possible, while maintaining an agreeable, clean and safe service level to your passengers.

The aerospace industry sets its own ambitious goals in becoming more and more sustainable. Limiting redundant waste and reducing CO2 emissions are essential. Currently cabin carpets in the aisle of the aircraft are replaced every few months. Mainly because they are too dirty as there is no (or limited) cleaning involved. Why? Because there was no efficient method available.

We dare to claim that with SHOU there is! This is why we urge airlines to rethink the system. 


Investing in our effective, sustainable, easy to implement cleaning system, will prolong the lifespan of your cabin floor significantly. This means you will save tremendously on carpet replacements. Not only this, it will bring you cleaner cabins with much healthier air quality. Your passengers will experience and validate their stay in the cabin during their flight more positively, for sure.

Furthermore, SHOU Solution is an environmental friendly, semi-dry cleaning solution. It uses a minimal amount of water, up to ten times less compared to industry standards. SHOU packages are fully recyclable and because it preserves cabin carpets significantly longer, redundant waste is reduced. With SHOU, airlines can reduce their CO2 emissions with 10 kg per square meter per saved installation.

Not only save a tremendous amount of costs, but contribute to saving our planet as well.


Rethinking the system and implementing SHOU Solution scores you points on all fronts: cost effectiveness, cabin experience, cabin health ánd sustainability!

Check the latest published interview on this topic here:

In this edition of Onboard Tech Innovation, our Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Dolf Boeschoten tells Julie Baxter how focusing on this waste could bring quick wins for the planet.

, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution
, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution
, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution
, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution
, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution
, Rethink the System, SHOU Solution