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this is SHOU Solution.

Thé most effective cleaning solution for your aircraft cabin flooring. SHOU provides innovative products, tools and machines needed in order to perform the cleaning of your carpet and NTF flooring. Fully customised to your fleet and easily integrated into your current cabin cleaning procedures. Including training of your (external) cleaning crew, evaluation and audits.

Bringing you:

hygienically clean cabin flooring. Up to 99.99% of all micro organisms and viruses eliminated,

cleaner and healthier cabins; a safer and better flight experience for your passengers,

a significant longer lifespan of your airplane cabin flooring,

therefore tremendous savings on carpet replacements,

a sustainable solution, moving towards a circular economy,

less redundant waste, up to 10 times less water usage and reduction of CO2 emissions

recommended by major flooring manufactures

quick and easy to perform onboard, direct walkable

The ultimate cleaning solution for your cabin floor!



SHOU Solution provides all cabin cleaning products, tools and machines needed. Customised to your fleet. The SHOU savings report shows you beforehand, the exact savings you can achieve by implementing the SHOU system. Included are the training of your cabin cleaning crew, regular evaluations and quality checks. This is what we call a full service solution. Working with SHOU means working in a beneficial partnership. Learn More

a full service solution for airplane cabin cleaning of carpets and seats or seat covers

Longer life for cabin interiors.

Chewing Gum Control.

Gums on cabin carpets are a huge issue. Almost impossible to get out and ruining carpets faster than necessary. At SHOU we believe it is easiest to avoid the problem than to fix it. This is why we set up a cooperation with Gumshoe Amsterdam and Gum Buddy. We developed a cool mutual campaign that discourages people to use gum on the airplane, or if they do, to make sure they don’t drop it on the floor. Curious how it works for your airline?  Learn more

cooperation chewing gum control preserve airplane cabin carpets
chewing gum ruins airplane cabin carpets

Donate your gum and get rewarded.

How it works.

Implementing the SHOU System comes without any investment upfront. Resulting in direct cost savings on carpet replacements. Free use of equipment, machinery and tools. In return you purchase SHOU cleaning products on an exclusive basis with transparent and clear agreements. Including:

all cleaning products, tools and machines needed in order to perform the cleaning,

onsite training off your (external) cabin cleaning crew(s), teaching them the SHOU cleaning procedures,

support and consultancy during implementation,

regular evaluations, audits and quality checks...

We help you conduct implementation by sharing our extensive experience and expertise in this field. This way we make sure you achieve the best results in the most efficient way.

This is what we call a full service solution. Working with SHOU means working in a beneficial partnership.

Shou Solution airplane cabin cleaning carpets seats, Home, SHOU Solution

Rethink the system.

Think about why you shóuld invest in cleaning of your cabin floor. As an airline these days you need to limit costs as much as possible, while maintaining an agreeable, clean and safe service level to your passengers.

The aerospace industry sets its own ambitious goals in becoming more and more sustainable. Limiting redundant waste and reducing CO2 emissions are essential. Currently cabin carpets in the aisle of the aircraft are replaced every few months. Mainly because they are too dirty as there is no (or limited) cleaning involved. Why? Because there was no efficient method available.

We dare to claim that with SHOU Solution, this is now the case! Read why

rethink cabin cleaning system

Tremendous savings.

Savings calculator. Contact us and together we calculate your potential savings on airplane cabin carpet replacements. You will be amazed.

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Savings Calculator

Sustainable Cabin Cleaning.

SHOU Solution is an environmental friendly, semi-dry cleaning solution. It uses a minimal amount of water, up to ten times less compared to industry standards. SHOU packages are fully recyclable and because it preserves cabin carpets significantly longer, redundant waste is reduced. With SHOU airlines can reduce their CO2 emissions with 10 kg per square meter per saved installation.

Not only save a tremendous amount of costs, but contribute to saving our planet as well.

Shou Solution airplane cabin cleaning carpets seats, Home, SHOU Solution

SHOU Solution
Products & Tools.

All SHOU products are safe, tested and approved according to Boeing, Airbus and Lufthansa requirements, Check or download approval reports here.

, Cabin Hard Surface, SHOU Solution

Stain Remover &nb

, Cabin Carpet, SHOU Solution

Wool(blend) Brush

, Shou Tools, SHOU Solution

Hangar Cart

, Cabin Seat-cover, SHOU Solution

Leather Wipes

chewing gum ruins airplane cabin carpets

Chewing Gum Control

, Cabin Carpet, SHOU Solution

Mist-spray Pump

, Cabin Seat-cover, SHOU Solution

Dabbing Cloth

, Cabin Carpet, SHOU Solution

Dabbing Cloth

, Shou Training, SHOU Solution

Cleaning Crew

, Shou Tools, SHOU Solution

Hand Brush

Shou Solution airplane cabin cleaning carpets seats, Home, SHOU Solution

Why it’s effective.

SHOU is more effective than any other floor cleaner on the market.

SHOU works on the basis of the patented encapsulation technique. SHOU crystallizes the dirt, which capsulates it and makes it vacuum-able. Very easy to implement in the existing cabin cleaning procedures, because vacuuming the cabin carpet is done anyway.

Regular carpet cleaning is more time consuming because the carpet is moisturized and needs to dry. SHOU is super quick, it is a semi- dry cleaning system and doesn’t need these long drying times.

A proven effective, quick and easy to implement, environmental friendly, dry-cleaning solution.