How it works.

SHOU Solution is customized to your fleet, for an according monthly fee. This includes:

all cleaning products, tools and machines needed, delivered to the hangar(s),

onsite training off your cabin cleaning crew(s), teaching them the SHOU cleaning procedures,

support and consultancy during implementation,

regular evaluations and quality checks, and more...

We help you conduct implementation by sharing our extensive experience and expertise in this field. This way we make sure you achieve the best results in the most efficient way.
This is what we call a full service solution. Working with SHOU means working in a beneficial partnership.

, Shou Solution, SHOU Solution

Slide , Shou Solution, SHOU Solution full service solution for airplane cabin cleaning carpet seats seat covers
, Shou Solution, SHOU Solution

Why it’s effective.

SHOU is more effective than any other carpet and seat-cover cleaner on the market.

For it works on the basis of the patented encapsulation technique. SHOU crystallizes the dirt, which capsulates it and makes it vacuum-able. Very easy to implement in the existing cabin cleaning procedures, because vacuuming the cabin carpet is done anyway.

Regular carpet cleaning is more time consuming because the carpet is moisturized and needs to dry. SHOU is super quick, it is a dry-cleaning system and doesn’t need these long drying times.

The cleaning solution for textile seat-covers works on the same encapsulation basis.

Voilà, a proven effective, quick and easy to implement, environmental friendly, dry-cleaning solution.